Developing positive coping strategies and breaking cycles

Are things getting on top of you? Perhaps you’ve picked the cigarettes up again, started comfort eating or feel that you can’t cope. 


When we don’t recognise the early signs of stress or know how to manage it, we can develop unhelpful coping strategies and behaviours that compound the situation. It doesn't matter where the pressure comes from - work or home - the impact it can have on you is the same. 


Hypnotherapy uses the power of suggestion to help you positively change your thought patterns, behaviours and action on a subconscious level. Old habits and cycles are replaced with new, helpful ways of coping that you can take forward with you in life.

What can I help you with?

All of my clients’ needs are different, but some of the more common issues that I support people with are:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Quitting smoking

  • Weight loss and healthy eating

  • Sleep problems

  • Breaking unwanted habits

  • Low confidence/self-esteem

How can I support you?

I offer hypnotherapy services in Bristol that can support you to live the life that you want to lead.

Whether you’re struggling to deal with daily stresses, kick a habit or accept a long-term illness or life event, there’s light at the end of your tunnel. Let me help you find it.

Managing chronic physical or mental health conditions

It's common for people with chronic pain, non-curative illnesses and mental health problems to feel that life is just unfair. It doesn't matter if you are newly diagnosed or have been enduring a condition for years - it's hard. 


Perhaps you’re feeling angry, frustrated or even depressed.

It’s difficult to see the positives when you’re trapped in a cycle of pain, hospital appointments and pills.

Maybe you feel that other people judge you...

... People often don’t understand the mental and physical toll of living life with a long-term condition. Simply going about your daily tasks can be exhausting and emotionally draining. Dealing with the way that people react to you can harm your wellbeing and relationships too. 


My specialist hypnotherapy services can offer you the support that you need to put mind over matter. Together, using a solution-focused approach, we will find effective ways to:

  • Manage the pain you are enduring

  • Achieve relaxation and relief

  • Overcome the anxieties of living with an illness

  • Put you back in control and help you to manage difficult situations with ease


I aim to make things that seem impossible, POSSIBLE.

What types of chronic conditions can I help with?

The list is long, but to give you an idea, here are some of the issues that I can support you to live with positively:

  • Osteoporosis

  • ME

  • Arthritis 

  • Cancer

  • Long-term physical disability

  • Mobility issues

  • Skin conditions

  • OCD

  • PTSD and complex PTSD

  • Long-term phobias

  • Asthma

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke and heart disease

  • Epilepsy

"Daniel is an inspiration. When he talks to you, you get a real sense that he’s overcome personal struggles in his own life. He uses these experiences to help you create a positive outlook. I walk away from every session with a much clearer head and feeling far more relaxed.”

-Recent client

Coping with life

changing events

A life-changing event can be anything from an accident that results in physical injury to the loss of a loved one. It can happen without warning and knock you sideways.

We don’t expect these things to happen to us, so when it comes to recovery, there are a myriad of emotions to deal with, as well as the impact on your life as you knew it. Grief, anger and despair are common emotions. 

Hypnotherapy is not magic; it's a solution-focused technique that can have real and lasting effects. When you fully invest in the process, it can support you to:

  • Cope more effectively in stressful situations 

  • Feel empowered to move forward

  • Achieve the things you want to do

What types of life-altering events can I help with?

Your situation is unique and personal to you, but common experiences include:

  • Death of a loved-one

  • Divorce or separation

  • Personal injury or illness

  • Dismissal from work

  • Retirement

  • Imprisonment of a loved-one 

  • Change in health of a family member