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Management of

chronic conditions

Whether they’ve suffered for years, or been recently diagnosed, it is common for people with chronic or non-curative illnesses to feel that life is just unfair.


Perhaps feeling angry, frustrated or even depressed?


It’s hard to see the positives when you’re trapped in a cycle of hospital appointments and pills.


My specialist hypnotherapy services can offer you the support you need to really put mind over matter. I can help you find better ways of managing the pain you are suffering, and to achieve relaxation and relief in spite of the situation you find yourself in.

Support for those living with a long-term disability

What people don’t often understand is the mental and physical toll of living life with a long-term disability. Simply going about your day to day can be exhausting and emotionally draining. And then there’s the impact that others can have on you.


Do you often feel like you’re being judged?


My hypnotherapy services can help you to overcome the anxieties of living with a physical disability. We’ll take a solution-based approach, finding ways to put you back in control and help you to manage difficult situations with ease.

My aim is to make the impossible seem possible.

Coping with life

changing events

A life-changing event can be anything from an accident resulting in physical injury to the loss of a loved one. It can happen without warning and knock you sideways.


We don’t expect these things to happen to us, so when it comes to recovery there are a myriad of emotions to deal with, as well as the impact on your life as you knew it. Grief, anger and despair are common emotions. 


Hypnotherapy is not magic, it is a long-term game, but it can have a very real and lasting effect. It can help you to cope more effectively in stressful situations and empower you to move forward and achieve everything you want to do. 

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